will be held at LaGrange Church

On April 18th, 1869 at 11:00am the first Episcopal Service in this community was held at the LaGrange Community Church.


On this 150th Anniversary of that significant event, we will read Morning Prayer from the 1769 Book of Common Prayer and the King James Bible at Historic LaGrange Community Church, 1575 Old Dixie Highway, 3 miles north of Titusville, just north of Dairy Road.

Palm Sunday
Saturday, April 13th - 5:30pm
Sunday Morning, April 14th
7:30 and 10:00

The congregation gathers outside the church and the palms are blessed, we wave them wildly as we sing... it is glorious! but just a few minutes later, we cry out in unison, "Crucify him!" It feels like spiritual whiplash, but that's Palm Sunday

Wednesday April 17th 7:00pm

a 130-year-old church, in candlelight. The story, passed down through the centuries, powerful words, exquisite music and an ending that's nearly unbearable. Brace yourself, for Tennebrae is an extraordinary experience. 

Seder Supper
Parish Hall
Thursday, April 18th
at 5:30 pm

There was a time when the entire nation of Israel was enslaved. Everyone. And they escaped. And what an escape! That story, passed down for thousands of years, is retold through food! A great story... and a great meal.  Call Rick Purtle or the office for tickets.

Maundy Thursday
Thursday, April 18th
at 11:00am and 7:00 pm

What does it feel like to be truly served? What does it feel like to serve another person? This will take you there, in the most personal way imaginable. Step into it with fear and trembling. Come out with overwhelming with gratitude... and God's grace.

The Great Watch
April 18th Overnight
Thursday from 9:00pm thru Good Friday at noon

On the night before he died, Jesus begged his disciples, "Won't you sit with me and pray for just one hour?" The sanctuary remains open overnight. A time to sit in the silence, to pray, and to be with God alone.

It's been too long. God loves you. God misses you.

Can you give him an hour... just you alone?

Good Friday
April 19th at LaGrange Church
1869 Morning Prayer at 11:00
Veneration of the Cross - Noon
Stations of the Cross - 1:00
Seven Last Words - 2:00

The Veneration of the Cross is the most gut wrenching, soul stirring service of the year. No one can kneel before the cross, place their hands on the wood and not be moved. It is a Holy Week must. Seven Last Words are reflections by seven different pastors from historic local churches.  

The Great Easter Vigil
Saturday, April 20th 8:00pm

The service begins in darkness, then from a single candle, the sanctuary is bathed in candle light. The story of God unfolds. Then at the climax of the story, the church erupts with light and bell ringing and glorius music! The Resurrection is real! It is exciting! Come be a part of it!

Easter Sunday
April 21st
Sunrise Service - 7:30am
Festival Eucharist - 10:00am

Our biggest services of the year, beginning with a Sunrise Resurrection Eucharist at 7:30 (breakfast served afterwards) and a Festival Eucharist with full choir at 10:00 (Easter Egg hunt & brunch served afterwards). Get here early! It will be packed!

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