Wednesday Evenings at 6:00

Meets from September through May


Meeting God. Finding peace. That's the purpose of this service.

Taizé is an ecumenical service with the focus on Christ. The church is bathed in candle light and is kept relatively dark. All of the musicians and leaders sit in the back of the church; a single spotlight illuminates the cross above the altar. The atomsphere is quiet, contemplative, peaceful.

The service begins with music. Three very short songs are repeated several times.

Reading Scripture is a way of going to “the inexhaustible wellspring by which God gives himself to thirsting human beings” (Origen, 3rd century). The Bible is a “letter from God to creatures” that enables them “to discover God’s heart in God’s words” (Gregory the Great, 6th century).

Silence. When we try to express communion with God in words, our minds quickly come up short. But, in the depths of our being, through the Holy Spirit, Christ is praying far more than we imagine. Although God never stops trying to communicate with us, this is never in order to impose. The voice of God is often heard only in a whisper, in a breath of silence. Remaining in silence in God’s presence, open to the Holy Spirit, is already prayer.

Closing Prayer, and Music. The congregation leaves in silence, refreshed.


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