The Vestry is a body of lay members elected by members of the congregation to run the secular business of the parish. The vestry also oversees the ministries of the church, the budget, and when necessary, the selection of the rector of the church. Members are elected to three year term at elections held during the annual meeting in January. Officers of the Vestry include: Senior Warden, who serves as leader; Junior Warden, who oversees property; Treasurer, who oversees financial matters; and Clerk, who records the minutes of the meetings. Vestry members represent all worship services and all age groups. They also interface with the different ministries of the church. 

Edwin Hill
Senior Warden
Ron Rowton
Junior Warden

Edwin Hill is an Oncology RN at the Orlando VA. He recently graduated with a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management to help foster his position as a Nurse Manager. Edwin has been an active member of St. Gabriel’s since 2003. He and wife Jenni were married here in 2004 and son Graham was baptized here 3 years later. He served on the Rector Search Committee in 2009! In 2010 Edwin served as Vestry member and became Senior Warden in 2012. Father Rob, Johnny Clark, and Edwin started Weight For God in 2012 and this program has continued over the years. Edwin helps out with Sunday School, watching Verger wife Jenni, Acolyte son Graham, Choir brother Dan, and Healer Aunt Jo participate in Sunday Service. To Edwin, St. Gabriel’s is a family affair.


Ron Rowton has been a long time member of St. Gabriel's, as are his parents. He served as Junior Warden from 2014 through 2016 and did an extraordinary job. We're pleased that he is back. Ron holds two jobs, full time at Kennedy Space Center, and he runs his own plumbing company. He also is a Lay Eucharistic Minister and Layreader at the Saturday evening service.

Dr. Al Koller
Vaughan Kimberling
Clerk of the Vestry

Al Koller and his family have been part of the aviation and aerospace industry for more than 80 years. He began his career at age 17, working for the Army Ballistic Missile Agency on Cape Canaveral. He transferred to NASA in 1960 and remained there for 32 years, earning Masters and Doctoral degrees from FSU. He pursued a commitment to education at Brevard Community College serving as an executive for 20 years. He’s served boards of the Titusville Chamber of Commerce and the NASA Alumni League. A members of St. Gabriel’s for 50 years, Al served as Lay Reader, Treasurer, Vestryman, Junior Warden, Senior Warden, and chair of the Rector Search Committee in 2008. He looks forward to serving in this next decade.

Marion Hughes

Vaughan Kimberling is the Verger at St. Gabriel’s, where he has faithfully attended since 1989. He is passionate about connecting people to God through everyday life. He is a husband, father, leader, engineer, teacher, conference speaker, role model and mentor.  As Verger, Vaughan is responsible for the non-clerical functions of church services. He has served as Sunday school teacher, and youth mentor, raising acolytes to become Lay Eucharistic Ministers. He works as an engineer, holding a leadership position with L3 Technologies on the U.S. Navy’s Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine force. Verger Vaughan has been happily married for 26 years to Melanie, and are the proud parents of their daughter Kristi.

Lisa Barber

Marion Hughes is a lifelong communicant in the Church of England and the Episcopal Church. Born and raised in Chester, England and baptized in the 12th Century St. Oswald’s Church where she was later married to husband Larry. With a degree from Chester Business College she worked in research at Unilever in England. The couple immigrated to Ashtabula, Ohio in 1960 and became active members of St Peter’s Episcopal Church. They came to Titusville and St. Gabriel's in 2003. Marion serves as a LEM at St.Christopher & St.Gabriel at The Great Outdoors.

Lisa Barber is a very busy mom! Her kids are very active, and that means she is too. Plus, she holds an important position in the finance department at Kennedy Space Center. Her interest at St. Gabriel's revolves around families, and especially those with young children.

Jim Robey
Barbara Carter

Jim Robey has lived in Titusville for many years. Recently retired from the pest control industry, Jim has found lots to do. He is an active volunteer at Parrish Medical Center, the Enchanted Forest, and here at St. Gabriel's where he oversees the St. Francis Garden, and distributes food for No One Hungry Food Pantry.

Barbara came to St. Gabriel's Church in 2015 with her mother and friends and feels very much at home here. She serves as a Coffee Angel and chaired the Epiphany Tea Committee. She has worked with the Doctors Goodwill Foundation for 17 years, and Board of Directors for the past 10 years. She is the Doctors Community Liaison, and Director of the Patient Advocate and Support Service. She also handles Inventory and Control of Medical supplies and equipment, supporting doctors, nurses and Churches on Medical Missions. She loves cooking, crafting and playing cards and is excited to help St Gabriel’s wherever needed.

Polly Schuster

Polly Schuster is a lifelong Episcopalian who was raised in St. Gabriel’s by one of the founding families. She served as Church Historian, 125th Anniversary Committee, Titusville Merchant’s Association Representative, Sunday School Teacher, Co-Chair ECW, wrote "History of the Bishop’s Chair," Co-Author 125th Anniversary Commemorative Book, Member of North Brevard Historical Society and she sits on the Board of the North Brevard Heritage Foundation. She assists planning the hymns and service music, annotating chanting and singing solos. Professionally, Polly is a Six Sigma Yellow Belt employed by Cigna as Southeast Region Manager, Digital Solutions Provider Engagement.  Her goal is to serve St. Gabriel’s now and into the future.

Richard Cota

When Richard Cota was at Park Avenue Baptist Church, he served on the finance committee for more than 10 years. He assisted members with financial needs & counseling.  He worked at NASA for over 43 years as an engineer, project manager, resources & financial manager, and Deputy CFO. He now serves part time as a Senior Project Control Consultant. Although he completed his term on the Vestry, he continues to provide his expertise as Treasurer of the Parish.


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